Stranske Plastike Carbon XTZ1200

Stranske Plastike Carbon XTZ1200

Koda: 23PF83R0X000

Cena: 678,55 EUR



These side panels can be fitted to either side of the Super T\u00E9n\u00E9r\u00E9 for a more exclusive high-tech appearance.


* Equipped with aluminium mesh in the air vents
* The side panels are part of the Super T\u00E9n\u00E9r\u00E9 Worldcrosser accessory package, especially developed to protect the chassis components when riding in the most extreem off-road environments, but are now also separately available
* Sold per piece


- Materials: Lightweight carbon with aluminium mesh
- Certified conformity (CE/T\u00DCV/WVTA): N/A
- Mounting hardware: Included in package as well as the mounting instructions



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