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Prevleka kolen Tmax

Prevleka kolen Tmax

Koda: 59CTMAPR0000

Cena: 139,62 EUR


Water-resistant cover to keep the rider as warm and dry as possible during rainy and cold weather conditions.

* Rigorously tested with Yamaha`s own Stability System
* Designed for easy mounting, easy usage and durability
* Created with the input from the engineers and designers behind the TMAX themselves
* Easy key entry, water-resistant pocket
* Tailored cover for the seat
* Soft, fleece-style inner lining, providing insulation for the colder months
* Comes in a convenient storage bag

- Material: Water-resistant fabric
- Certified conformity (CE/T\u00DCV/WVTA): N/A
- Mounting hardware: Not required. Mounting instructions included in package


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