Plough Lift Provantage ATV

Plough Lift Provantage ATV

Koda: YMD846000000

Cena: 388,70 EUR

Handy device to effortlessly lift the optional ATV plough without use of a winch.

* Compact design
* Screw-drive system with plenty of lifting power and low amp draw
* Optimal lift speed for grading control
* Easy to install
* All hardware, wiring and all-weather handlebar-mounted switch included

- Certified conformity (CE/T\u00DCV/WVTA: N/A
- Mounting hardware: All hardware, wiring, and all-weather handlebar-mounted switch included in the package
- Suitable for: Grizzly 700 EPS/SE as from MY2009, Grizzly 550/EPS/EPS SE as from MY2009, Grizzly 450 EPS as from MY 2011, Grizzly 450 IRS as from MY2011, Grizzly 350 4WD IRS MY2008-2011, Grizzly 350 4WD as from MY2008, Grizzly 350 2WD MY2007-2011, Grizzly 300 as from MY2012


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