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Izpuh Akrapovič FJR Slip-on Mufflers Titanium

Izpuh Akrapovič FJR Slip-on Mufflers Titanium

Koda: 907983210100

Cena: 1.870,73 EUR

Exclusively laser-engraved FJR logo
Made of high quality, heat resistant titanium alloys
Exciting sound & design
Weight reduction thanks to usage of quality material titanium
 A full list of spare parts is available via your official Yamaha dealer


- Material: Heat resistant titanium alloys
- Certified conformity (CE/T\u00DCV/WVTA): EC homologated for street use in all of Europe
- Mounting hardware: We recommend to have the exhaust system installed by your Yamaha dealer
- Suitable for: FJR1300, FJR1300A and FJR1300AS as from MY 2006


This is a non Yamaha branded product and is fully developed and produced by Akrapovi\u010D.



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