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12v Dc Socket

12v Dc Socket

Koda: 59C8254B0000

Cena: 30,73 EUR


Device to charge your electronic equipment such as mobile phone or MP3 player

* Easy to install: Genuine Yamaha plug matches the pre-wiring of your scooter
* Max. load 1 Amp (as shown on the included warning sticker)
* Fused to avoid damage to your scooter in case of a short circuit
* For convenience the socket is installed in the glove compartment which can be locked

- Material: Nylon
- Certified conformity (CE/T\u00DCV/WVTA): N/A
- Suitable for: Fits on TMAX, TMAX variations and their ABS-version
- Does not fit with: Optional Gripheater SC 120 (article nr. YME-W0792-10-00) as same connector is used


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